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Camden County NJ Plumbing Contractors

At Reel Plumbing Inc. we provide Camden County Plumbing Services, as well as Septic, Sewer, Drain Cleaning and Hot Water Heater Services.


We provide general plumbing services in Camden County NJ, including leak repair, pipe replacement, faucets, clogged sinks and toilets, kitchen and bathroom plumbing fixtures, and more. We are a leading edge plumber for Kohler.

Gas Piping

Our Camden County Gas Piping services include gas fireplaces, ranges, dryers, BBQ grills, pool heaters and backup generators. We can also run new gas lines from your meter to your appliances.

Boilers and Hot Water Heaters

We are authorized installers for Rinnai and Navien hot water and heating products for your Camden County NJ home or business. We install and service both tank type water heaters as well as tankless water heaters.

Bathroom and Kitchen Remodel

Unlike some other Camden County bathroom remodeling companies, we do NOT cover up old mildew or moldy tubs. Rather, we completely demolish your bathroom to the bare studs and re-sheetrock or HardieBacker. We can install bathtubs, build custom showers with a wet bed tile or fiberglass base, supply kitchen and bathroom fixtures, vanities, granite countertops, painting and trim, and much more for your Camden County NJ kitchen and bathroom remodeling needs. We also build Handicap Accessible (ADA) bathrooms and kitchens.

Camden County NJ Drain Cleaning

Sewer Repair or Installation

We provide video camera inspection to locate broken pipes. We can diagnose any issue in your drainage or leaking in your water main. We also install new Camden County sewer and water lines.

Drain Cleaning

We have a variety of cables for cleaning and unclogging of Camden County drains, sewer and septic lines. Our video camera can locate clogs, and we can clean those lines and drains to get your water flowing again. For bigger clogs or packed solid drains we also provide high pressure water jetting.

Grease Traps

We can install and repair grease traps for Camden County NJ restaurants, and maintain them to help eliminate potential clogging issues.


When you are in search of Camden County plumbers, look for the company that does it all... the professional plumbing contractors at Reel Plumbing Inc. For all your Camden County NJ plumbing, septic, sewer and drain cleaning needs!

Camden County NJ Plumbers Camden County NJ Plumbing Contractors
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